Enjoying the 300 thousand square meters of Unique Garden means immersing yourself in a universe of experiences and feelings where comfort, sophistication, and privacy go hand in hand with nature. Surrounding a sanctuary of beauty and conservation, cottages, therapies, and cuisine create the perfect setting to leave the city pace behind and keep in mind only what is important.

Let the Unique Garden experience surprise your senses

In your way


Flexibility is a value that has always been part of the story of Unique Garden. That is why most experiences you can live during your stay may be reconsidered according to your needs and demands.

in full bloom

Surrounding the Cantereira State Park and the last Atlantic Rainforest haven in São Paulo, Unique Garden is an invitation to the contemplation of natural beauty and everything it can awaken within you.


At Unique Garden, through the renowned chefs, each meal is a gastronomic experience and a celebration of the pleasure of eating well.


Treatments and therapies
are inspired by the best
Western and Eastern ways of
stimulating beauty,
health, and well-being.

Pet Friendly

We at Unique Garden love animals, and here your pet is also our guest


“Here we can cleanse our body and soul because, in this great garden, we're always unveiling, every day, new ideas and feelings about amazement and enlightenment.” Victor Siaulys

Where it all started

Even though its foundation dates back to March 2005, the story of Unique Garden begins much sooner, more precisely at the foundation of Sítio Lajota. The name arose from a light-hearted wordplay - which is an acronym of the names Lara, Jonas, and Tatiana, children of Victor Siaulys, the creator of the hotel, and his wife Mara. The sense appeal that is part of the essence of Unique Garden is there because of Lara, the younger daughter who, a few days after being born, was affected by a severe visual impairment that took her vision away.

“I continued my father's dream by focusing on a diversified service in a place that many call a paradise."
Tatiana Siaulys Zanchetta

With the experience and concepts acquired at Sítio Lajota, which enabled the development of Lara, and looking to offer new opportunities to other children with the same conditions, Victor and Mara Siaulys founded, in 1991, the Lamara Association, a space for discoveries and learning through other senses. In addition to assisting blind and visually impaired children, the experiences in the place nowadays still stimulate the touch, the taste, the hearing and the smell, enabling a kind of development that no other place can offer.