Divided into three categories (Fit, Relax e Detox) the Balance Experience is an invitation to fullness and a stimulus to the awakening to a new journey towards practicing healthier habits on your daily routine. Based on the recognition of each person as a unique individual, it begins with a fully singular experience in an environment where nature and tranquility promote relaxing experiences, vitality, and reconnection with one's essence, which are the pillars of a healthy and fulfilling life.

Balance Fit

Lose weight, gain health

A fully customized program in contact with nature, which promotes a unique experience of tranquility, beauty, and transformation. A new opportunity for those looking for losing weight in a quiet, mindful, and healthy way.

• 6 balanced meals a day, comprising of breakfast,
morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, and supper.
• Includes nutritional assessment and menu planning with nutritionist Bárbara Gilli
• Customized menu according to your tastes and needs
• Nutritionist monitoring during one or two meals to answer questions
• Aesthetic evaluation
• Includes 5 therapies, comprising of abhyanga, lymphatic drainage,
endermotherapy with vibration, body shaping massage and manthus

Balance Relax

Body and mind in harmony

If we are what we eat, our state of mind is closely related to our eating habits. That's why Balance Relax works with the perfect ingredients and activities to put your body in complete harmony with the real nature, where we feel weightless, lighthearted and serenity of mind.

• 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
without alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
• 5 therapies included comprising of abhyanga, classic therapy,
balance, Swedish massage and reflexology

Balance Detox

Cleanse your body, mind, and soul

The daily routine doesn't always let our eating habits be as cautious as it should. During this process, the body ends up absorbing a series of substances that negatively affect our health and well-being. Balance Detox combines a detoxifying and nutritious diet free of toxins and with actions and experiences that work to benefit the body, mind, and soul, cleansing them towards peace of mind and full health.

• 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) without alcoholic and
non-alcoholic drinks
• Vegetarian or vegan menus with gluten and dairy restrictions
made by our nutritionist
• A wide selection of detox juices and teas between meals
• 5 therapies included comprising of abhyanga, acquaspa, lymphatic drainage,
restorative face scrub, and herbal balls