into yourself

Unplug from everything and connect with your inner self.

Celebrate the
animal life

An exciting way to celebrate nature in the most intimate and revealing way.
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Celebrate the animal life

Conservation and contemplation of the animal life are part of the essence of Unique Garden. During tours guided by biologists and attendants, visitors can meet areas such as the Wolves Woods, where maned wolves can be observed, as well as spots like the reptile lair, the haven of the birds of prey, the monkey's sanctuary, and the deer fields.


The hotel also has two areas designed exclusively for dogs called Jorge's Kennel and Donna's Kennel, which were named that way as an homage to the Border Collie of Tatiana Siaulys. Together they comprise 43 kennels. You can also meet the recovery stud farm, which shelters animals such as horses, small oxen, ponies, and goats that were abandoned or abused.

In addition, since 2005, initially a Conservation Reserve and since 2007 a Wildlife Conservation area, the hotel carries out environmental education activities. The guests meet the factors that involve the native Brazilian species and the specifics of animal trafficking.


your senses

Experience the world through your senses.
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Explore your senses

The sensory appeal plays a huge role in taking the experience at Unique Garden to a higher level when compared with other luxury accommodations. That's why each detail is planned and carried out to created stimuli and sensations that communicate to each of the senses. The tours are among the first experiences in which this essence becomes apparent. During these tours, it's possible to meet a small part of the 300 thousand m2 of Unique Garden through a close connection with nature. Featuring a range of routes guided by a concierge, allied with the sensory stimulation, each tour is a chance to uncover the many stories behind every little part of Unique Garden.


to feel

Meet the
Fitness Garden space
and its experiences
organized according to
their goals and intensity.
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Move to feel

Movement is life. That's why Unique Garden has a fitness area with experienced professionals and top-notch equipment, as well as different experiences organized according to their goals and intensity.


In an open asphaltic tennis court, both individual and group lessons are available, and the teacher gives instructions on the game technique, as well as encouraging and challenging the participants.

Bamboo pyramids
Vitality, movement, and longevity are some of the goals achieved by performing the pyramid, which presents several possibilities. Your body teaches through its senses. You just need to calm your mind and focus. They are ways of stretching and shaping by monitoring the pressure on your body.

Tibetan Rites
Exercises vitality, health, and youth through five activities that restore the balance of your chakras, creating a feeling of lightness and comfort on the whole body.

Hatha yoga
It is the union of processes involving the body, mind, and spirit through your core energy and controlled breathing looking to find your mental wisdom.

Bike Tours
Bike tours around the Swan Lake, ending with stretching at the Ohtake Garden.

Circuit training
Physical activity that comprises aerobic and resilience exercises in a circuit.

Water aerobics
Water exercise that uses equipment to improve coordination, cardiovascular fitness, and muscle strength.

Fit core
A set of exercises focused on stabilizing and increasing the strength of the core muscles.

Lesson aimed towards recovering and maintaining muscle flexibility, improving it along with your body alignment and blood flow.

Lian Gong
Chinese exercise aimed towards relaxing your joints with traction stretching, breathing, and body awareness exercises, treating the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

G.A.P .
Region-specific exercises focused on increasing the strength of the buttocks, core muscles, and legs.

Functional Traning
A set of exercises that improve your physical conditioning and health in general and are focused on increasing the functional capacity of the human body.

High-Intensity Interval Training that comprises aerobic exercises taken to their maximum intensity for a short period separated by breaks.

Hiking through the hotel that ends at a water circuit in Ohtake Garden with acupressure mats and stretching.

The art of moving your body and following a particular relation between time and space that is defined by rhythm and choreography.