Singular in its proposal of an accommodation with soul, Unique Garden resignifies the connection with yourself and the nature. Being at the Garden means sharing a special story...


...This is to let you know that we missed you and we are ready to come back. In this sensitive moment, our greatest commitment is to provide a safe, healthy environment, aligning the excellence of our services with the state-of-the-art healthcare protocols to combat the spread of Covid-19.


Below, we share some actions and guidelines with you:



We love and want to smile, and that is the reason why we are here. But for now, while wearing masks, the only possible smile is with the eyes. Both staff members and guests must always wear them in common areas of the hotel.

We are all together because of our desire to be here but separated by a distance of at least five feet during all the actions performed.

If we need to go to your chalet, our staff will wear safety equipment, such as masks, gloves, caps, and footwear protection.

All employees, contractors and suppliers have been provided with strict training on the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Collective Protection Equipment (CPE), and personal hygiene. We can help you recognizing Covid-19 symptoms too.

Hand sanitizer dispensers are offered in every common area and internal shuttle vehicles. We can also offer it personally to you in case of emergency.

We check the symptoms (measuring body temperature) of everyone who accesses the hotel. If symptoms corresponding to Covid-19 are found, a more restricted protocol will be applied.




A hideaway that is not intended for escape, but for finding. A paradise on Earth...


And we welcome you to it!

With the customization of our booking system, all necessary information is collected even before your arrival, thus avoiding unnecessary physical contact. It is also possible to schedule the check-in, when you will be provided with individual care at our front desk, which are cleaned at each new arrival.

We know it may take a little longer, but it is necessary. The internal shuttle service is provided only for guests from the same chalet, and everyone is required to wear masks.




It is not about disconnecting. It is about being in charge, reconnected to yourself. Present presence, free from chaos, routine, and obligations...

Unique Garden has environmental characteristics that enable you enjoying a healthy space for guests, ensuring beautiful outdoor walks and food at airy, roomy places.

Everything is done to avoid agglomerations and ensure the minimum distance between people, as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). Thus, activities are now carried out individually and for a predetermined time, so that we can provide the correct sanitization of the areas at every use.

Tours, the Fitness Center (gym and outdoor physical activities), heated swimming pool, saunas, and spa can be directly scheduled at our front desk, from the iPad, or by phone.



Cleanliness is essential for the successful resumption of our activities. That is why double attention is paid while cleaning the chalets and common areas by applying modern and recommended methods when sterilizing the environments.

We are currently working with our restricted hosting protocol to ensure your safety. Housekeeping and turndown services are provided upon advance request to the front desk. At this moment, we ask you to stay out of the room so that our highly trained team can do the job.

Our laundry is also reprogrammed and able both to sterilize the bedding and uniforms of our employees, and to serve our customers.

We provide proper disposal of waste and effluents, thus ensuring zero contamination of the agents involved in these activities.



Preparing safe food with high nutritional value and translating all this agricultural knowledge into healthy, tasty cuisine has always been one of the pillars of Unique Garden, and now it will be no different.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served in highly sanitized restaurants, with distanced tables.



“Here we can purify our body and soul, because in this huge garden we are always discovering new feelings about enchantment and enlightenment."

By Victor Siaulys



Count on us.

Take care of us so we can take even better care of you!