Experiencing is a unique opportunity to awaken or strengthen skills that enable a healthy, fulfilling life. It’s a moment to reconnect – through cross-disciplinary activities – with your body and its actual needs, getting nourished and experience a silent mind, thus developing attitudes such as compassion, generosity and non-judgment.

Reconnect experience

Disconnect from external and connect to internal

Experiencing occurs in at least three days– the optimal time for transformation to be felt – and it may be extended per each one’s needs and availability.


• Accommodation in the chosen category
• Three meals a day
• Follow-up by a nutritionist, corporal therapist and physical educator
• Senses Dinner – experience associated to the practice of mindfulness
• Harvesting and preparing a salad with the aid of a nutritionist
• Walking Towards Inside Yourself experience
• Welcome ritual and a therapy session at the Pandora Spa
• Yoga class, bamboo pyramid, and daily activities at the Fitness Center
• Historical tour at the hotel, gardening, and wildlife keeping area

Senses Dinner

Body and mind in harmony

A blindfolded experience associated to the practice of mindfulness, which creates a unique moment of letting-go and trust, in addition to harvesting food from our vegetable and herb gardens, up to plating your own salad with the nutritionist.