A universe of discovery and senses

Rediscover yourself

Finding our balance point has been becoming an even greater challenge nowadays due to the increased pace of our lives. Through a wide range of therapies and massages, the Pandora Spa provides means of perceiving inside yourself what kind of stimulus you need to recover your harmony, well-being, and inner peace.

Redemption of body, mind, and soul

Inspired by the ancient Eastern wisdom and the modern Western techniques, Pandora Spa benefits both your inner and outer self through methods that stimulate and act in seven areas of your senses and knowledge: contemplation, awakening, flow, harmony, cleansing, relaxation, and renewal. There are more than 20 options of therapies to soothe your emotions, body and mind. It’s an ongoing process of perceiving and caring where senses are the door to a universe of stimuli and feelings.

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Day Spa 

Enjoy the combination of nature, fresh air,
and water from oligomineral springs.

• Breakfast and lunch are served at the restaurants
• Tour through the sustainable greenhouses and vegetable gardens
• 100 minutes treatment for your choice
• Guided visit to meet flora and fauna
• Wireless internet access points
• Helipad with welcoming
• Stay allowed between 9h and 18h


Choose from the options

Rosemary | Invigorate
A combination of Swiss facial massage, Swedish massage or shiatsu and special care in the foot area, promoting the organization of the body and energy balance.

Geranium | Detox
A combination of facial massage with pindas (herbal balls), lymphatic drainage massage, and special care with feet, hands, and head, stimulating toxin elimination and promoting self-love awakening.

Lavender | Relaxation
A combination of facial lymphatic drainage, Indian massage and special care in the head area, stimulating body relaxation and peace of mind.