Due to its localization, on top of an aquifer over
two billion years old, and to the pioneering actions of its founder,
Unique Garden is regarded as a sustainability model.

springwater spa

Originated from volcanic rocks,
the Unique Garden water is
oligomineral, sparkling with oxygen,
rich in silicon and zinc and
poor in sodium. That's why it's
categorized as a springwater spa.


Unique Garden has a
wastewater treatment plant,
Wetland, which ensures that
nature will not suffer any
harms from its activities.


I Found
a Friend

I Found a Friend is a project that provides the chance of finding a home for dogs and cats that were abandoned, mistreated or even injured in car accidents. Often arriving in poor physical or even emotional health, they receive shelter and cares at Unique Garden according to their clinical conditions. After being vaccinated, dewormed, and neutered, when healthy, they're sent to adoption.


Wild Species Conservation

Unique Garden, with a license provided by IBAMA, is a wildlife conservation area that shelters and takes care of several rescued endangered species, such as the maned wolf and many rare species of birds.


Vegetable gardens
and greenhouses

The growth of vegetables and herbs with no pesticides is part of an attitude that understands and values the natural development of every food, therefore benefiting their freshness, quality, and taste, as well as giving the guests a chance of harvesting them.

Plant a tree

Every Unique Garden guest is invited to plant a tree. Besides the experience, which is a first-time one for many, the project helps with the reforestation program.


Zero CO2

Balance and harmony are concepts directly connected with the core values of Unique Garden. That is why Unique Garden Zero CO2 is a part of our sustainability project that creates an offsetting mechanism for nature. Taking into account a calculation that estimates the amount of greenhouse effect gasses generated by the events that take place in the hotel, there's a corresponding amount of planting of native Atlantic Rainforest species. The project aims to continue the environmental recovery of 120 thousand square meters in Mairiporã, a buffer zone of the Itapetinga and Itaberaba State Parks located at the Cantareira Water Supply System area.


Mara Siaulys

Social responsibility
Created in 2008, the Community Center Mara Siaulys prioritizes the hosting, living, and the professional and social training of the community surrounding Unique Garden. The center, located in front of the hotel, provides many courses and workshops, such as computing, cooking, handicraft, as well as school tutoring and a library with books for all ages. Physicians, nurses, and social agents from the Basic Health Unit of the city of Mairiporã provide health care at the center as well.